Updated statutory residence test

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HMRC have updated their Statutory Residence Test (SRT) Guidance Note to reflect the new SRT as it appears in the Finance Act 2013 report Harris & Co chartrered accountants Northampton who offer tax advice as part of their accountancy services to small and medium sized bsuinesses.

Aside from general changes to improve clarity, the guidance has been updated to incorporate and reflect legislative changes made, during the passage of Finance Bill 2013, to the fourth automatic UK test and about priority order in split year cases. Two new examples have been added in relation to the fourth automatic UK test and when HMRC considers a home to start to become the taxpayer’s home. Corrections have also been made to Example 3 relating to the statutory residence test and Example 33 relating to the split year treatment (UK part of a tax year). Example 32 has been amended to reflect legislative changes made to the fourth automatic UK test.

This updated guidance replaces the version published in May 2013.

More details are available from HMRC.

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