Compliance Services

Our compliance services create a safety net for your small or medium sized business. These are the tasks required of you by central Government, such as accounts and tax returns, and we ensure that these are done, correct and on time, to help you avoid the statutory penalties.

Wherevever we can, all of these accountancy and tax services are quoted in advance and agreed with you every year before we start anything. So, you are fully in control of your costs and face no surprises.

Our compliance services consist of:

  • Auditing
  • Taxes
  • Annual accounts


We are registered to carry on audit work in the UK and Ireland and regulated for a range of investment business activities by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Details about our audit registration can be viewed at for the UK and for Ireland, under reference number C009224439.

Audits provide a cornerstone to financial reporting. They furnish valuable and reliable information to banks, tax authorities and others who desire to make well-informed financial decisions.

Each year many firms of accountants give up their licence to conduct audits because the regulatory bodies require a strict adherence to demanding technical standards and a commitment to continuing training.


We embrace these sorts of issues, because we believe that unless we invest in training, high calibre people and rigorous systems then we won't be able to give our clients the best advice and accountancy services possible.

In order for us to perform effective audits, we must not only audit our clients financial records, but we must also be familiar with our clients operations, the industries in which they operate and the economic events which have impacted on their businesses.

The audits we conduct adhere to all the professional standards issued by the Auditing Standards Board, the Financial Reporting Council and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


Since tax laws and forms are so complex, many people find that professional assistance is a necessity. We stay abreast of the constantly changing tax laws through regular investment in training so that we can assist you with your tax affairs in the best possible manner.

Some of our tax and accountancy services include:

  • Preparation of personal tax returns
  • Preparation of business tax returns
  • Tax planning
  • Preparation of VAT returns
  • Preparation of payroll returns

Tax Planning

Every business and most individuals are exposed to tax, but we strive to make the burden as light as possible.

We will guide you and your business through a tax-planning process in order to minimise your exposure to tax, whilst advising on all areas of personal and corporate tax.

We work closely with independent financial planning experts to ensure that you receive comprehensive advice about tax planning opportunities, at every stage of your personal and business life.

We can provide advice on a wide area of business tax matters from employment tax through to corporate and partnership tax planning, corporate and group structures, and business succession.

Tax Planning

Planning ahead for retirement involves not only pension planning, but also the need to take steps to minimise capital gains tax liabilities. Even structuring the sale or handing on of your business or assets must be planned properly and we are happy to work on your behalf in conjunction with solicitors and other agents to help with that and with estate planning and will drafting.

It is never too early to plan ahead, so whatever stage you are at in business, we can help you to plan for the future.

Annual Accounts

Irrespective of whether you keep your records on a computer package, in the cloud or prefer to operate manually, we can prepare your annual accounts.

Our approach is based on really understanding your business and so during the accounts preparation process we can ensure that we have not missed any important issues.

We will help you in understanding the accounts so that you can use them as a valuable tool to run your business. Clients often say to us that they never used to understand their accounts until we took the time and trouble to explain the accounts to them!


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