Why Businesses Need Harris & Co...

Extensive Financial Expertise

Our chartered accountants have extensive financial expertise in looking after small and medium sized businesses. Our team have completed rigorous specialist training, have maintained their knowledge through ongoing professional development and have many years experience in dealing with businesses of your size. With this expertise, as a small and medium sized business, you can count on us for high quality advice on any aspect of your financial affairs.

Help With Tax Decisions

Our team of chartered accountants can help with all your tax decisions, can limit your tax liabilities and identify the deductions and credits which small and medium sized businesses are entitled to. Complex changes in tax legislations can impact businesses greatly. Our chartered accountants will help you stay up to date with changing legislation and will offer advice that will give your small and medium sized business a competitive advantage.

Decide the Right Trading Structure

Our accountants can also help you decide on the right trading structure to operate your small or medium sized business.

Detect Problems instantly

Our accountants can help you make better management decisions by giving you up to the minute management accounts. This will help you detect problems instantly before they become a threat to your business.

Create a Realistic Budget

Harris & Co accountants can help you create a realistic budget and help you balance fixed and variable costs within your business.

Prepare Cash Flow Forecasts

Financial projections and cash flow forecasts are important factors for understanding the financial position of your business. Harris & Co accountants can help you with the preparation of your cash flow forecasts, budgeting and financial projections as and when needed.

The Right Software For Your Business

When it comes to accounting software packages, finding the best solutions for your requirements can be tough. This is where we can assist you with using the right technology and software packages for your business. With in depth knowledge and a wealth of experience, our Northampton accountants can help you find what will work and what will not.

Simplify Tax Returns

Help simplify the tax returns process. For peace of mind, choose Harris & Co. accountants Northampton and you won't have to worry about penalties for the late submission of returns.

Keep Proper Records

Keeping proper records is not only good business practice, but is also a legal requirement. HMRC can fine you up to £3,000 for failing to keep suitable records. Our accountants can help you with this task and keep your business compliant.

Create Systems to Stay in Control

As your business grows and expands, it can be challenging to maintain control over it. Our accountants will help ensure that you create the right systems to stay in control of your business activities.

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