How much is your business worth?

We can undertake a formal business valuation to give you a rough idea of how much your business is worth, however, we are strategic business partners with Europe's largest seller of private businesses and what ever we value your business at, typically they get a premium over and above because of their unique selling approach.

We typically represent owner managed businesses looking to sell for up to £40 million. We have a long track record of successfully putting together deals of the above nature. These assignments cover a wide range of deals from £5,000 to £105 million.

Selling your business

Our work in selling your business is usually in the following phases:


Grooming the business for a sale for a period of time before launching a sale. This will normally include a full audit of the following areas to identify and correct any possible problem areas: Accounting policies, Tax, VAT, PAYE and NIC, Assets and Liabilities.


Compiling and providing the broker with all the data that they need.


Advising you during the sales process.


Providing any additional information to the broker or potential buyers during the transaction.


Providing tax advice on the sale structure.


Reviewing the accounts and tax warranties and indemnities in the sale agreement.


Preparing your personal tax return to declare the capital gain subsequent to a sale.

Unlike a lot of accountants, we hold a DPD licence which means that we are specifically authorised under the Financial Services Act to advise clients on the sale of shares in unquoted trading companies.

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