Income tax payments up
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Income tax payments up

posted in Tax by Phil Harris on 10:30 Sep 6th, 2017

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 Income tax payments up

The Treasury collected £148.8bn in income tax in the 2016-17 tax year. The figure - up 5.3% on the year before - was driven by a rise in tax payments via self-assessment, which jumped by 17%, or £4.2bn. Meanwhile, HMRC figures reveal there were 121,300 registered non-doms in the UK 2014-15. Together they paid a total of £9.3bn in income, NI and capital gains taxes. In total, 85,400 of the registered non-doms were UK residents in 2014-15, meaning that on average they each paid about £105,000 to HMRC. Non-doms based in London and the southeast contributed 86% of all the tax paid by these people, according to the data.

Independent (01/09)    

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