IHT is unfair

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Housing Secretary: IHT is unpopular and unfair Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has described inheritance tax as “unfair” as it means people are taxed twice, suggesting that it is “particularly unpopular” because people want to be able to pass on more to their families. His comments come after Chancellor Sajid Javid last week suggested that he was considering scrapping IHT, saying that he understood the arguments against the charge. Mr Jenrick told Sky News that people “can see the fundamental unfairness of paying tax twice,” adding: “I can see why the Chancellor is interested in this one.” HMRC figures show 28,100 estates paid the tax in 2016/17 - a 15% rise on 2015/16 – while the tax is forecast to raise £5.3bn for the Treasury this financial year, accounting for 0.7% of all receipts the Government brings in.

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