EU want to control UK taxes

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EU wants Brexit deal to strangle future UK tax policy Leaked documents drawn up by EU officials show Brussels intends to tie the UK’s tax policy to that of the EU after Brexit as part of any future agreement. Papers written by the European Parliament’s TAX3 secretariat and seen by the Telegraph disclose a plan to force the UK to “abide by the tools adopted at EU level to fight tax evasion/avoidance.” The diktat would also apply to UK overseas territories and would prevent the UK from becoming a low-tax economy by cutting its corporation tax rate to attract business. John Longworth, co-chairman of Leave Means Leave said, “the EU will stop at nothing to stifle Britain’s competitiveness post Brexit. An agreement on tax provisions would of course also bind us to future regulations. If they are keeping this ¬secret, what else are they planning for us?” The documents were written up by TAX3 following a meeting with Michel Barnier’s Brexit Task Force last week. The minutes of the meeting describe Chequers as “wishful thinking” and state: “According to the Commission, it is not feasible that the political declaration will not include taxation provisions.”

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