Death more expensive

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Taxpayers' Alliance: Death getting dearerResearch published by the Taxpayers' Alliance (TA) shows that inheritance tax and probate fees are driving up the cost of death, with the Government set to receive £5.35bn from relatives of those who pass away this year and next. The Cost of Death report notes most estates do not pay inheritance tax and highlights that while the cost of death varies across the UK, the average cost for homeowners in England is £405, with this covering probate fees, land registration fees and death certificate costs. John O'Connell, chief executive of the TA, says IHT is "anti-aspirational", asking: "Why work so hard to look after your children if the taxman guzzles it all up anyway?” On proposed increases to probate fees, he added: “Hopefully this stealth death tax rise will be dropped and taxpayers can breathe a massive sigh of relief."

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