Affluent people targeted by HMRC

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 HMRC targeting the affluent ordinary classes

The Times looks at how HMRC is using its Connect system to identify self-assessment errors with increasing sophistication. The paper cites a report which shows that 80% of inquiries and investigations result from the Connect system while HMRC now wins four out of five cases that go to tribunal, up from three out of four in 2013-14. Adam Craggs, a partner at RPC, points out that although HMRC always had a high-net-worth unit, it now has an affluent unit too, targeting “those that earn £150,000 and more. Doctors, lawyers, those sorts of people.” Mr Craggs adds: “I suspect the increase in investigations is being driven by political pressure to bring in as much revenue as possible. They have attacked the tax-avoidance schemes and are now going for the affluent ordinary classes.”

Source:   The Times (23/01/2015)

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