93% top rate of tax

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Those earning more than £125,000 and stillpaying off their student loan face an effective top tax rate of more than 90%,according to analysis. While the top rate of taxis technically 45%, some people are seeing marginal rates of 60%, with thisrising to as high as 93% as a result of successive governments tweaking the taxsystem and clawing back benefits. The personal allowance is tapered away at arate of £1 for every £2 of income for those earning between £100,000 and£125,140, meaning workers face an effective 60% tax rate on those earnings.Many graduates in high-paying sectors often earn high salaries while stillpaying off their student loans. The analysis shows that someone earning£124,150 who graduated in the last 10 years and is still paying off their loan- and who received a £1,000 pay rise - would pay an effective tax rate on theiradditional earnings of 93%, once National Insurance is added.

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