Tax receipts rise

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Tax take increases £84.7bn as economic effect of pandemic recedesBetween April and August 2021 HMRC collected £280.4bn worth of tax which is £84.7bn more than this period last year as the economy began to recover post pandemic.Tax receipts collected by HMRC continue to rise with lockdown restrictions entirely eased and financial support either stopped or wound down.The total receipts for April to August 2021 for income tax, capital gains tax, National Insurance contributions, and apprenticeship levy were £154.8bn (£25.2bn higher than in the same period a year earlier). Receipts from PAYE, income tax and NICs were £139.1bn and this is £16.2bn higher than last year. The tax receipts for self-assessment were £13.6bn, which is a rise of £7.2bn from last year.

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