Post Brexit confidence soaring

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 SMEs energised by uncertainty

The Telegraph examines a range of poll results showing that overall SME confidence was up in the wake of the vote to leave the EU. Although some surveys reported contradictory sentiment, experts point out that uncertainty often opens up new opportunities for strategic movers. Sean Mallon, chief executive of Bizdaq, commented on the mixed responses: "SMEs that are more likely to benefit from what they see as a reduction in red tape are most enthusiastic about a post-Brexit UK. For those who depend on the free market, or foreign workers, it"s a turbulent time that could see the end of their business." Meanwhile, analysis of UK user data post-referendum by LinkedIn found 5% growth in the number of microbusinesses since the referendum.

This mirrors our own experience with Northamptonshire businesses - the local economy is booming post Brexit with confidence levels soaring

Source: The Daily Telegraph (17/01/2017)

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