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HMRC are reminding employers that in order to avoid penalties they must file their Employer Annual Return (P35 and P14s) online and on time. The vast majority of employers are required to file their returns electronically, with the deadline for submission of the forms falling on Sunday 19th May.

Where employers do not file their annual return by 19th May, they will incur a penalty of 100 per 50 (or fewer) employees, for every month (or part month) that their return is late.

From April 6th 2013, the majority of employers will be required to move into RTI (Real Time Information) and so this may be their final P35 submission.


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If you are unsure whether you need to complete a P35 return this year, talk to our team at Harris & Co accountants in Northampton. Taking an interest in your business growth, we want to make sure that you invest and manage your money wisely. Providing proven scalable solutions for a number of businesses, both small and large, our accountants located in Northampton can help you with your employer end of year forms and accounts.

If you would like help with your PAYE, and the transition into RTI, contact our team of specialists today. To book a free consultation meeting with us, simply call 01604 660 661 or email admin@harrisandco.biz.

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