Ulster Rally debut for Mini

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Specialist motorsport accountants Harris & Co gave their 1963 Mini Cooper to Rob Smith Rallying to restore in September 2013. After many months of hard work, the car is now ready for it"s first event.

Northampton based specialist motorsport accountant Phil Harris is to debut his recently restored1963 Mini Cooper on the prestigious Ulster Rally in August.
Phil explains, “Last Autumn, I gave my beloved Mini to Litchborough based Rob Smith Rallying to rebuild. They’ve rebuilt it from the bare shell up, but it’s been difficult to get all the right period parts to make the restoration historically accurate. We’ve missed most of the rounds of the RAC Historic Championship, but Rob and his team have worked night and day to get the car ready for the Ulster Rally.”

Phil said “The car looks a million dollars and RSR have done a superb job on it. I can"t tell you how good the car is!


Rob has persuaded me to debut it on the Ulster Rally as he will be doing it so it made sense to tag along. It"ll be my first rally for 24 years!


The last time I rallied in Ireland was the 1985 Rothmans Circuit of Ireland, so should be fun!!

Really looking forward to doing the whole RAC Championship next year - can"t wait!!”

Specialist motorsport accountant Phil also explained they he plans the "shakedown" the car at ProDrive"s test track next week. "That"s going to be an interetsing experience and a 24 year layoff!" said Phil.

Harris & Co accountants Northampton also plan to display the restored Mini at their Northampton offices on 23 July 2014. "I"ve had so many clients ask to come and view the car once it is finished that I thought I woulod make a special day of it," explained Phil Harris.


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