RTI has lowered EOY burden on pilot employers

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This further research follows initial research which indicated that the vast majority of participants were confident about their RTI preparation and that although about one third saw a downside to RTI, employers were expecting RTI to simplify what is required of them at EOY and therefore reduce the overall burden of reporting, reports accountancy services Harris & Co.

This research aimed to measure and provide insights into the RTI EOY experience and about the benefits and burdens for employers compared with reporting under the previous PAYE system. It confirms that the anticipated benefits in the earlier research of an easier and less expensive EOY under RTI have generally been borne out, with 92% of employers describing EOY as taking less time.

The finding also showed that the most commonly cited downside of RTI was technical issues. 6% of the participants mentioned lack of guidance /help.

The report concluded that most employers felt that there had been no change in their behaviour as a result of the introduction of RTI, but where there was a change, it was on balance positive and suggested increased compliance as they have gone through the first year of RTI.

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