RTI and P35

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The HMRC have issued a clarification on whether or not employers have to complete their 2012-13 end of year report before they do their first 2013-14 RTI submission, reports small business accountants Harris & Co.

It is not a requirement of PAYE in real time that employers should wait until they have submitted their 2012-13 end of year report before starting to report PAYE for 2013-14.

This confusion may have arisen because some commercial software, as well as HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools, requires the 2012-13 end of year report to be completed before switching over to the Real Time Information version and enabling the employer to submit a first Full Payment Submission (FPS).

Employers should start to report PAYE in real time from the first payday on or after 6 April if their software allows.

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