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HMRC have published key findings and responses to a series of workshops and an online survey about HMRC Agent Toolkits say Harris & Co accountants Northampton as part of their accounting services

The results showed that most respondents are content with the toolkits, with two thirds of respondents stating that the toolkits provided "reassurance" and helped them "identify potential errors". The majority of the respondents use the toolkits online and benefit most from the many hyperlinks to additional detailed information. Although a common issue was that users found the toolkits "time consuming", only 3% of respondents stated that "there are no benefits".

In response to respondents requesting to be able to complete the checklist section for a particular client and have the option to save it electronically or print it to save in a client"s file, HMRC are introducing enhanced functionality to each toolkit as part of its annual maintenance cycle.

The first two toolkits to incorporate the new functionality are the Expenses and Benefits from Employment Toolkit and the National Insurance Contributions and Statutory Payments Toolkit, both due to be published on 6 April 2014. Other toolkits will be enhanced when they receive their annual update.

HMRC are inviting agents to continue providing suggestions and feedback to improve the toolkits by accessing the online feedback form.

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