HMRC not answering calls

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 HMRC failed to answer 18m phone calls from the public last year

HMRC has had to divert £45m of cash to fix its call centre systems after millions of calls went unanswered last year report Harris & Co chartered accountants Northampton. Figures reveal 10.5m calls went to an answering machine while 7.4m customers hung up in frustration at being left on hold. Paul Aplin, of the ICAEW, said: “Telephone response times have been getting steadily worse and have reached totally unacceptable levels. It took me 40 minutes to get through earlier this week. It"s good that HMRC has acknowledged the scale of the problem and that it has allocated 3,000 extra people to the task. But it"s essential that this resource remains in place long-term. Until we see things improve, customers should look to use the online services instead wherever possible.” Patrick Stevens, at the CIOT described the situation as alarming, adding: “We have previously voiced concern that the closure of the walk-in inquiry centres would increase the strain on HMRC"s call centres.”

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