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HMRC has launched a new service for charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs – which will enable them to make repayment claims electronically, reports chartered accountant Harris & Co.

Charities Online was launched today and "introduced in response to customer feedback". HMRC says the new system will make repayment claims faster and easier by filing online. The current R68(i) print and post repayment form will be replaced by three options for making claims.

Among the benefits to the new service, according to HMRC, are a number of built-in checks that will alert users to mistakes before they submit a claim, thereby slashing the need for claims to be sent back to be corrected.

Also, the rules for aggregating Gift Aid donations will change for Charities Online, allowing users to add together more small donations. The current limit of £500 will be increased and claimants will be able to aggregate individual Gift Aid donations of £20 or less, up to a total of £1,000 per entry. This will reduce the number of donations that details need to be provided for.

A Charities Online guide has been produced to help users embrace the changes.

More details are available from HMRC.

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