Finances make you unhappy

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The Mapiness app was created by George MacKerron in conjunction with the London School of Economics in August 2010. It has been tracking the moods of about 50,000 people for nearly three years and can draw on around 3 million responses.
With Mappiness, users receive a randomly generated “ding” on their phone that asks them to rate how they are feeling at that very moment, along with other data, such whether they were alone or not. The app gives the economists a picture of “in the moment” happiness rather than such feelings being influenced by memories etc.
Interestingly, the data from the app reveals that one of the things that makes us most unhappy is doing our finances and sorting out our paperwork. The only things that makes more unhappy are being sick and queuing!
The fact that sorting out our finances and our paperwork is a task we dread is not news to us here at Harris & Co accountants Northampton! Based on some market research over 25 years ago, we identified these issues and have sought to give our clients “relief from anxiety” ever since! It’s been a cornerstone of our client service philosophy ever since we started, some 23 years ago.
As we like to say at Harris & Co accountants Northampton, if you’ve got a financial problem, give it us to sort out!

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