Labour target dividends and rents

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Starmer: Labour tax plan would target those 'with the broadest shoulders'Sir Keir Starmer has suggested that a Labour government could tax homes and shares to boost funding for the NHS and improvements to the social care system. Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, the Labour leader said: “We have said that those with the broadest shoulders should pay.” He added: “We have said that means we have to look at those that get their income from property, from stocks and shares and dividends". The Mail’s David Wilcock says the comments mark “the latest sign" that the party would increase capital gains tax. Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves earlier this week said she would look to increase capital gains tax to target “people who get their incomes through stocks and shares and buy-to-let properties”. She also outlined plans for a review of tax breaks, arguing that the system is ripe for reform, while also vowing to scrap business rates. Ms Reeves said Labour has “no plans” to increase income tax, despite Mr Starmer saying the option is not “off the table”.

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