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Metrol Springs

Metrol Springs is a long established family business. Metrol Gas Springs are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards to meet arduous demands of the metal stamping and press tool industry.

Metrol was introduced to Harris & Co by their bank back in 1999. Since then we've helped with restructuring, employee rewards schemes, shareholder agreements, tax planning – all the things that a growing business needs.

Being an engineering business, we've also introduced the company to R&D tax credit claims as well as Patent Box claims.

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Here's a few quotes from key people at various points along the company's development path:

“From basic tax coding issues, P11d's and regulatory filings to complex planning, Harris and co have been an intrinsic part of Metrol Springs, that why we have worked together for almost 20 years. The levels of service are first class with a strong and established management team delivering a competent quality service....rare in any aspect of business these days!"

Rob Lamb & Co Owner Metrol Springs


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