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Running A Start-Up Business?


I envy you. I remember when I started my accountancy firm several years ago. You can’t beat the buzz. The adrenaline.The excitement. Sure it’s not easy starting out...

Mistakes are frequent. The financial pressure can often be challenging, but one thing’s for sure, a good accountant helping you in your formative years is crucial to your success. Our ‘Start-Up & Young Business Accountancy Service’ does just that. It’s tailored to help start-ups and young businesses (less than 3 years old) thrive, prosper and ensure an ongoing sound financial platform.

I know you’re busy, so here are 4 reasons why our clients choose us to help them through the start, growth and maturity of their businesses...

  1. As The Accountancy & Tax EXPERTS For Start-Up And Young Businesses, We Aim To Put More Money IN Your Pocket...
    Get a FREE copy of our book when you meet with us – If you’re quick!
    First, we’re true speciialists in helping start-up and young owner-managed businesses to grow and financially manage the challenges that their development or a lack of it throws up.
    And when you’ve made your money, you want to keep as much of it as you can by paying as little tax as possible. Our start-up tax solutions do that for you.
    In fact, our book titled ‘Why Businesses STOP Growing & What You Can Do About It’ is regarded as one of the best self-help books for start-ups, small and medium-sized owner-managed businesses.
  2. Put Your Mind At Rest
    *Where ever we can estimate in advance, all our work is based on a fixed fee, quoted in advance. You’ll never, ever get a nasty surprise.
    *All deadlines will be met. If we are ever late and its our fault, you pay us nothing and we’ll pay all fines for late filing
  3. Easy Payment Plan So You Can Spread Your Costs...
    To help you manage your cash-flow (you need all the help you can get when starting out), you pay us monthly.
  4. Weekly Newsletter For Owner-Managed Businesses Helps You Get Even More Growth & Sales
    You get a FREE weekly e mail newsletter that is packed with tax saving ideas and great business tips

If any of these 4 things appeal to you, then we need to meet.

However, we don’t work with just anyone. Our 25 years in practice have taught us a valuable lesson – we only work with ambitious owners who want to build a better business.

If that’s you then you’re going to get a huge amount of value from meeting with us. Yes we offer a ‘FREE No-Obligation Meeting’ just like every other accountant in the UK, but OUR MEETINGS ARE VERY DIFFERENT. In fact, here’s why you should take the time out of your busy schedule to come and meet with us instead of anyone else...

  • FREE COPY OF OUR BOOK: If you reply within the next 3 days, we’ll give you a FREE copy of our highly sought-after book titled ‘Why Businesses STOP Growing & What You Can Do About It (worth about £30.00)

I hope that has given you a feel as to what we are about. All you have to do to arrange your meeting is to complete your details on the contact page and we’ll be in touch shortly to arrange our no-obligation meeting.


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