Celebrating 25 Years in Business

Celebrating 25 Years in Business

Being in business through two world recessions is tough. But with the difficulties came some hard earned experience. Harris & Co now use this experience to offer valuable business advice to small and medium sized businesses. We didn’t get to be true Business Advisors from reading a textbook! We got our knowledge and expertise from steering our own business through the enormous challenges that the last 25 years have thrown up! Two world recessions, the Internet – you name it, we’ve had to develop a strategy to deal with it!

Phil Harris and his team have the battle scars of the last 25 years to prove that they are the real deal and can offer first class business advice and accountancy services that will help any business to grow, pay less tax and as a result be more profitable!

We've produced a celebratory 25th Anniversary publication which is a snapshot of the 25 years of ups and downs that have made Harris & Co the company they are today.

We hope you enjoy reading our story - Click here to download the digital copy...


Here's a little snippet of the timeline, so you can get an idea of what's in the publication...


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