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At Harris & Co Chartered Accountants in Northampton, we care about our clients. We support them in every way we can as part of our accountancy services, and our expert support team are always happy to offer help and advice. As a client with Harris & Co, you will never have to tackle issues by yourself- there is always help at hand!

You Are Always Supported With Harris & Co Chartered Accountants In Northampton

We aim to keep our clients supported and informed in any way we can with our knowledge and expertise. For example, did you know that HMRC are introducing new helpline numbers for National Insurance, income tax, VAT, and self assessment? The new numbers will reduce the cost of calling these helplines for most people. The numbers are below for your information:




Old Number

New Number

VAT Enquiries

0845 010 9000

0300 200 3700

VAT Online Services Helpdesk

0845 010 8500

0300 200 3701

VAT, Customs & Excise Welsh Language Line

0845 010 0300

0300 200 3705


For people with hearing or speech impairments, the new textphone number for both VAT Enquiries and VAT Online Services Helpdesk changes from 0845 010 8500 to 0300 200 3719.


National Insurance


Old Number

New Number

National Insurance enquiries for employees and individuals

0845 302 1479

0300 200 3500

National Insurance registrations

0845 915 7006

0300 200 3502

National Insurance deficiency enquiries

0845 915 5996

0300 200 3503

Newly Self-Employed Helpline

0845 915 4515

0300 200 3504

National Insurance enquiries for the self-employed

0845 915 4655

0300 200 3505

National insurance enquiries for non-UK residents

0845 915 4811

0300 200 3506

Contracted Out Pensions enquiries

0845 915 0150

0300 200 3507

HMRC have confirmed that taxpayers may still use the 0845 numbers for about the next 18 months.

Other 0845 numbers will change in the coming months as part of a rolling program to give taxpayers cheaper access to HMRC helplines.

Help And Advice Is Always At Hand With Our Accountancy Services

At Harris & Co Chartered Accountants in Northampton, our support extends beyond providing one or two elements. We offer a range of specially designed elements that come together to create support and advice to help you make your business as successful as possible.

All of our clients will have access to our support team, who will never leave you floundering on your own- you can email us at any time and we will answer your questions as soon as possible. No matter what your query is, we will be ready to provide solutions to your management, sales, marketing and financial issues.

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