Tax rises could spell electoral disaster for Tories
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Tax rises could spell electoral disaster for Tories

posted in Tax by Phillip Harris on 19:42 Jun 27th, 2018

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 Tax rises could spell electoral disaster for Tories

Former Downing Street adviser George Freeman has warned that the Conservatives are heading for defeat at the next election unless Theresa May gets a grip on the "chaos" of the tax and spending row gripping the Cabinet. His comments came after Tory MPs including Jacob Rees-Mogg and John Redwood registered alarm that Mrs May was is in danger of undermining the Conservative party's manifesto commitment to low taxes. However, the Independent’s Ben Chu says Rees-Mogg is wrong to suggest that higher tax rates stifle the economy. Elsewhere, the Telegraph's Rob Wilson also says the Conservatives' choices about taxation to fund NHS reform could have significant electoral consequences. Noting the negative sentiment which followed John Major’s 1993 NI tax rise, he cautions: "Conservative celebrations might be quite short if higher direct taxes feed into wage peoples' pay packets".

Source: The I (27/06/2018)   

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