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In order to identify and deter tax avoiders, the UK government has decided to share tax information with France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Its aim is to develop a new international standard in the automatic exchange of tax information. The new system will be based on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. The five European countries finance ministers have also sent a letter to the European Commission urging other European Union states to join the scheme and help pass laws, so that the program expands to all countries in the EU.  All this simply reflects that it is high time everyone starts paying a fair share of tax in order to avoid getting into trouble with the law.  Tax when managed poorly can create havoc to any business with lost returns for overpayment and penalties for underpayment.  If you want to avoid both and improve your bottom line, then Harris & Co accountants Northampton can be a great help.  We are experts in this field and have been offering specialist tax advice to a wide range of businesses.

How Harris & Co Accountants Northampton Can Help?

Our accountants Northampton have the expertise and skill to ensure that you will only pay what is legally required of you.  Our team will also make you aware of any tax mitigation opportunities.  We keep ourselves abreast of all changing tax laws and we can assist you with all your tax affairs in the best possible manner whilst staying compliant with the law.  Our tax services include preparation of personal tax returns as well as business tax returns, tax planning, preparation of VAT returns as well as payroll return. 

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