SME's hit out at unfair tax system

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Small firms hit out at unfair tax system A British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) survey of 1,000 firms, many of them SMEs, has seen almost 60% say that the tax regime is unfair on businesses like their own. The poll saw 67% of respondents say the taxman does not apply rules fairly across all sizes of business, with 70% of small firms believing this is the case compared to 58% of medium and larger businesses. It was also shown that 49% of firms do not feel HMRC provides the support they need to be compliant. Suren Thiru, head of economics at the BCC, said: “When it comes to compliance there is a tendency for HMRC to see smaller businesses as low hanging fruit and as a consequence they feel under the constant threat of being called out for getting things wrong in a tax system that has grown ever more complex.”

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