Quarterly tax returns too much for small businesses

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 FSB: Quarterly tax returns too much for SMEs

The FSB has called for a moratorium on plans to force small businesses and the self-employed to file tax returns four times a year, warning that, on top of other recently-added burdens and a four-year low in confidence, it would prove too much for the sector. In a submission to the chancellor ahead of the autumn statement, FSB chairman Mike Cherry also called for greater incentives to encourage employment and investment among small companies and a review of current funding streams. "We know there has already been a slowdown in applications for EU funding, impacting on longer-term projects," he said, adding that a review “will help prepare the way for when we exit the EU, with the aim of providing better-targeted schemes that address the needs of small businesses."

Source:   The Times (03/11/2016)

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