HMRC aggressive tactics
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HMRC aggressive tactics

posted in Tax by Phillip Harris on 09:05 Jul 25th, 2018

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 HMRC's 'aggressive' tactics resulting in judicial reviews

The number of taxpayers taking HMRC to the High Court rose by 36% last year, amid suggestions the Revenue is taking a more aggressive stance when pursuing individuals. Legal firm RPC said this has resulted in an increase in legal challenges by those who believe HMRC has overstepped the mark or acted in an unfair manner. HMRC faced 122 judicial reviews in 2017, up from 90 in the previous calendar year. Adam Craggs, of RPC, said HMRC was under political pressure to increase tax revenues, and this had prompted the organisation’s new approach. “HMRC’s increasing aggression and intransigence mean that judicial reviews are becoming far too common and are all too often the result of simple errors by HMRC and a dogged refusal to correct them,” he said.

Source: The Daily Telegraph (25/07/2018)

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