Business beware of HMRC's latest focus

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Business beware HMRC’s latest focus Andrew Sackey, partner and head of tax fraud investigation at Pinsent Masons, explains how HMRC’s investigations into non-compliance have progress since 2010 when the UK's tax administration undertook a Spending Review, which boosted funding for criminal investigators. Periodic improvements in enforcement work since have seen revenue from prosecutions rise sharply and the scope of targets broaden. In 2020, there are already more than twice as many corporates and wealthy individuals under criminal investigation as there were ongoing criminal prosecutions of any type in 2010, says Sackey, adding that with HMRC's Offshore, Corporate and Wealthy compliance division (OCW) now prosecuting corporates for failing to prevent tax evasion by employees or agents, businesses “would be well advised to ensure that their tax governance and compliance measures cover the unique risks posed by the new corporate compliance landscape.”

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