SME's look forward to growth

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 SMEs look forward to growth

Research for American Express shows SMEs are confident about their future business performance, optimistic about the economy and believe they have the strategies in place to thrive in an age of uncertainty. The firm’s latest Global SME Pulse found 50% of UK SMEs surveyed anticipate revenue growth of at least 4% over the next 12 months. Firms are similarly upbeat when it comes to profitability, with 57% forecasting a net profit of 4% per annum over the next three years. Some 43% say expansion into new domestic markets will be a top priority for their business over the next three years. Meanwhile, 33% make growing their share of current markets a key focus. When it comes to exports, 32% of UK firms identify expansion into new international markets as a pathway to improved financial performance over the next three years.

Source:   City AM (10/02/2017)   

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