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New research suggests that the number of workers on zero hour contracts, who have no guarantee of hours or pay, are becoming more widespread, Harris & Co chartered accountants Northampton report as part of our regular monitoring of issues affecting small businesses. At Harris & Co chartered accountants in Northampton we believe that it is essential in today’s economy that small business accountants monitor important developments in tax and business. We communicate these developments to our small business clients as part of our innovative accountancy services.

Research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has shown that up to a million workers are now on zero hour contracts. The survey also showed that 14% of workers on these contracts were let down by their employers, as they failed to provide a sufficient number of working hours each week.

However, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) paint a different picture. These figures show that only 250,000 people are on zero hour contracts.

The number of zero hour contracts has increased over recent years, most notably in the hospitality and retail sectors, where businesses view them as a cost effective way of satisfying short term staffing needs by using ‘on call’ staff.

Peter Cheese, the CIPD’s CEO, said:

‘Zero hours contracts, used appropriately, can provide flexibility for employers and employees and can play a positive role in creating more flexible working opportunities. This can for example allow parents of young children, carers, students and others to fit work around their home lives.’

‘However, for some this may be a significant disadvantage where they need more certainty in their working hours and earnings, and we need to ensure that proper support for employees and their rights are not being compromised through such arrangements. Zero hours contracts cannot be used simply to avoid an employer’s responsibilities to its employees.’

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