UK start ups on the increase

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 Brexit schmexit – UK start-ups will save the day

The Telegraph’s Matthew Lynn discusses the latest figures from Companies House which show the number of companies registered has reached 3,721,493 - the highest number ever recorded and a clear sign that Britain now has one of the best start-up rates of any major economy, he says. In the past three years, the number of companies has increased by 676,000, and England and Wales now have one company for every 16.7 people, compared with 34 in Northern Ireland and 27 in Scotland. Tax planning explains some of the increase, but a change in culture has also meant entrepreneurship is now far more celebrated than it was. Concerns over leaving the EU, interest rates and fiscal policy are less important than nurturing this culture of innovation which counts far more in the medium term, Mr Lynn concludes.

Source:   The Daily Telegraph (05/07/2016)

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