Start ups growing by 30%

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 UK startups growing by 30% every year

The UK’s 500 most successful startups over the past six years have grown at an annual rate of 30% a year, according to analysis by SyndicateRoom and Beahurst. Those that went on to an IPO grew at an even faster rate of 43% while fintech firms grew the fastest of all, achieving an annual growth rate of 63%. Chief executive and co-founder of SyndicateRoom Gonçalo de Vasconcelos said: "This cohort was worth just shy of £1.6bn in 2011, grew to £8bn in 2016 and now, just one year later, I’m delighted it is valued at over £10bn. What’s more, the cohort has returned over £3.7bn to shareholders, demonstrating the long-term profitability of early-stage investing."

Source:  City AM (22/02/2018)

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