SME's reluctant to access bank debt

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 SMEs reluctant to access bank debt

Despite widespread confidence in their ability to secure bank debt, small businesses increasingly prefer to operate under their own steam, according to the latest SME Finance Monitor. The quarterly research found that 36% of companies used external finance in the period covering April to June, down from 44% four years ago, and almost half of businesses described themselves as "permanent non-borrowers", meaning that they have no intention of raising external finance. Three quarters of small businesses said that they were willing to accept a lower growth rate rather than borrow to expand more rapidly. George Nikolaidis, senior economist at EFF, said: "We should not be complacent about this lingering reluctance to access bank debt. It could mean that businesses are not getting all the ammunition they need to invest and realise their full growth potential."

The Times (08/09/2016)

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