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Harris & Co Chartered Accountants in Northampton, specialists in helping businesses with their small business accounts, regularly monitor new tax issues that arise. We inform our clients about these issues as part of our innovative accountancy services for small businesses. With Harris & Co, you will always be well ahead of the game.

As part of our accountancy services, Harris & Co Chartered Accountants report that HMRC have launched a tax return amnesty. This is for any taxpayers who have been issued with a self-assessment tax return or notice to complete a tax return for any year up to 2011/12, and have not completed these tax returns.

HMRC have said that they are offering the best terms available to anyone who comes forward now and participates in the My Tax Return Catch Up campaign.

Requirements For Taking Part In The My Tax Return Catch Up Campaign

If you are looking to take part in the My Tax Return Catch Up campaign, the process includes 3 stages. Firstly you will need to advise HMRC that you want to join the campaign by completing the online notification form that can be completed online. You can also call the My Tax Return Catch Up helpline to submit your notification. Then you will be required to complete and submit all outstanding returns. Finally, any outstanding liabilities will need to be paid and any repayment that might be due will need to be claimed.

Once a taxpayer has notified HMRC that they wish to take part in this campaign, they will have to complete and submit their outstanding tax returns and generally pay any amounts due by 15 October 2013.

Where the taxpayer cannot pay the liability in full, HMRC will look into spreading the payments. The taxpayer can increase their chances of paying reduced behavioural based penalties by participating in the campaign.

Get Advice About Tax Returns From Our Chartered Accountants In Northampton

If you have any concerns about your self-assessment tax returns please get in touch with our specialised tax team at Harris & Co chartered accountants Northampton. We can help you with your small business accounts so that you can keep more of what you make.

All our clients are given access to one of the worlds leading growth systems, the Business Growth System, for free. Our experienced team will offer advice on succession and tax planning, cash flow optimisation, and profit improvement.

At Harris & Co we understand that staying compliant with changing rules and regulations can be challenging when running a business. However, with our services you can relax while we manage your tax compliance and accounting needs.

If you would like more information about how Harris & Co Chartered Accountants in Northampton can help you with your small business accounts, please email or phone 01604 660661

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