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As specialist small and medium business accountants, Harris&Co excel at helping businesses like yours in setting up an automatic enrolment scheme for your company. Recent laws in place require all businesses to provide a workplace pension for all its eligible employees by September 2017.

Harris&Co can asses your company's requirements to comply with the new laws. Auto-enrolment is a complex and time consuming process and will have to be done on an ongoing monthly basis. Deadlines are fast approaching and if you miss one, fines of up to 500 per day are applicable.

Harris&Co are specialists in setting up automatic enrolment schemes in full compliance with the law.

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Employers - don't ignore your duties!

Under the Pensions Act 2008, automatic enrolment becomes compulsory for employers to offer eligible workers a workplace pension by automatically enrolling them into the scheme. Employers must make a minimum contribution to the scheme to which they will receive tax relief on their contributions.

So whether you're a mechanic, a medic or employ a babysitter, if you are an employer, you have certain legal duties.




It's important to understand what you need to do and know when your deadline is. The enrolment process will depend on your circumstances and those of your staff and can therefore, take a long time before you are fully compliant with the new law.

To work out what you need to do, when you need to do it and to make sure that you only complete the tasks relevant to you, your employees and your business, don't hesitate to contact Harris& Co for FREE Advice on 01604 660661 or email us at:




What our clients say:


"As a small business, we found the prospect of being auto enrolment compliant daunting due to its complexity. However, Harris & Co dealt with every part of the process for us and we've staged now with minimum disruption. They made the process so easy for us and wed have never have done it without them."

"We would never have got compliant with auto enrolment without Harris & Co. They did the whole implementation for us and they took all the headaches out of the process for us."

"We started looking at auto enrolment with a sense of trepidation having heard of the many associated perils and pitfalls. The process with Harris and Co however has been totally painless. From the friendly and concise initial advice to the Directors through informative and very well received (thanks Phil) presentations to the staff and the on-going support it has been a (relative) pleasure."

Rob Lamb, Metrol Springs Limited

Rob Smith, Vintage Car Radiator Company

Andrea Fern, Director AVUS Consulting





Being in business through two world recessions is tough.
But with the difficulties came some hard earned experience.

Harris&Co now use over 25 years of experience to offer valuable business advice to small and medium sized businesses.

Facing enormous challenges - two world recessions, the Internet you name it, we've had to develop a strategy to deal with it!

Phil Harris and his team have the battle scars of the last 25 years to prove that they are the real deal and can offer first class business advice and accountancy services that will help any business grow, pay less tax and be more profitable in the long turn.


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